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Water & Light Abstracts

(8 Photos) A few days ago, I headed into the local gardens in hopes that something might be blooming. The weather was favorable this morning, however nothing was blooming yet except a few daffodils and the cherry blossoms. There are always an abundance of ducks which are fun to watch, even photograph, but aside from that I struggled to find something to shoot. It was a beautiful morning and it felt great to have the rising sun's warmth on my face but sometimes you just want to press that shutter button! At least I do. The act of taking a picture, searching, composing, experimenting with settings, etc. gives me a feeling I cant get from anything else. It's therapeutic, challenging and just plain fun. So what to shoot then? Water reflections and water movement on the lake! It's always kind of a go to for me when I wanna shoot something but there's not much to shoot. Especially in the dry summer. Plus it's so easy to get a nice, fun and interesting photo with minimal effort.

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