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Macro & Morning Coffee By The River

(4 Photos) This morning was one of those mornings that I look forward to on a constant basis. I woke up in the middle of the forest to the sound of birds chirping and the rushing sounds of the river a mere 15 feet away. This is a very special place to me, tucked away in the Washington coastline, unknown to others, within one of the most lush sections of forests I've ever seen. This forest has taught me a lot about myself, my photography and my connection to nature. I have taken many more serious images from here over the past year that I have yet to even consider processing. The experience of being here is worth more than any photo... someday I will get to them.

But this morning was one of those random photography moments that happened out of nowhere. I made my instant coffee, the first and most important task of the day, and headed over to sit next to the river and enjoy natures sights and sounds. As the sun started to rise, I noticed the patch of land next to me begin to sparkle in the light. My macro lens was attached to my camera at the moment, so that's what I shot. These are the moments that fill most of my photography portfolio nowadays. I never anticipate or plan to shoot anything in particular at any location. I just wait and see what unfolds. And if nothing does, just the time in nature is enough. This little two foot square section of land definitely entertained me for short time before I went back to my coffee and watched the river rush at my feet.

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