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Abstracts & Intimates - Face Rock Wayside

(8 Photos) I’m finding that even when I’m among a grand landscape with vibrant skies lighting up, I will usually end up turning my back on it and focus on the smaller details of that area. Something about that pressure, anxiety, rush to capture a scene within that small window of time that the “epic” light is presented at sunrise/sunset is deterring to me. I’d rather find that calming peacefulness I get by exploring the finer details of an area and shoot something at my own pace instead. Though don't get me wrong, I LOVE a pretty sunrise/set! But I much prefer to just enjoy it rather than ruin it with stress and pressure. The sunrise here was beautiful this morning, the skies lit up and even though I was set up to capture the scene before me, I had zero interest or connection with it photographically. I watched other photographers anxiously run around and try to get the shot and was even more turned off by it. So I calmed the heck down, packed up my tripod, bumped up my iso and meandered along the beach to focus on some of the smaller, quieter intimate details.

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