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Welcome to My New Blog : )

About a year ago, I packed up and reluctantly moved inland from the Oregon Coast. For so many years I spent most of my days exploring and photographing the beaches and coastlines, only occasionally straying inland to visit a waterfall or two. I was comfortable. I knew what to expect out of my photography from day to day. I was no longer challenged, nor growing anymore. I was in a creative rut I think? Then, my life completely changed. I wound up in the big city somehow. A city I said I would never live in and have honestly only grown more uncomfortable with and despise after living in it. Though the silver lining was only when I was taken out of my comfort zone and immersed into a new world of adventures and challenges that I truly began to find myself through photography. Over the course of the year, my creative style did a 180. Everything became unpredictable and exciting, I felt like I was starting over. So now here I am, excited about my creative future and finally finding my vision. I decided to start this blog to share some of my photography more in depth. I am always capturing nature in one way or another. I am constantly experimenting with new ways of shooting and processing in post. I have a ridiculous amount of images that I make that may not necessarily be 'portfolio' worthy or something suitable for social media. But I still feel like they are unique images and experiences that I'd like to share. Here you will find my more casual ,walk around shots, my random experimental photos and some behind the scenes stuff.

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