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How to properly take on and off a cuff bracelet, plus other useful bracelet tips

Cuff bracelets are becoming one of my favorite things to make. And even I didn't know how to properly put one on or take one off before that. At first try you might think that you would need to stretch the silver/pull it apart to make the opening larger and then after putting it on, squeeze and tighten it. And then again in reverse to remove it. This is not necessary 99% of the time and can damage soldered on stone settings and embellishments or misshapen your cuff. I'm also guilty of forcefully wedging them on/off, scratching up my wrists in the process. But there's a simple trick! I've shared a few videos here for demonstration, as well as a few other handy tips I've come across for putting other styles of bracelets on more easily. I hope this helps someone out there :)


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